5 Tips on How to make love

 There’s a little different between making love and having going deep in each other that’s one thing majority of us don’t know. In this article am going to show you how to make love. Making love is an emotional mindful connection and is very important in every relationship.


1) Be sure he really love you

Love making isn’t possible unless two people care and love one another. One of the best ways to understand the level of intimacy that you and your man share is…

If you are not feeling excited about making love or sense that he may be emotionally unavailable, it may be a good idea to hold off for a while. Because you both have to be in the mood

2) Know how guys express love.

The main take-away here is to focus on what your man does with his actions take note of what he want and also make him feel what he want

it has been experience that men tend to avoid verbal expressions of intimacy and tend to demonstrate their emotions through actions, so have to take note of how you man express his love

Knowing how your man expresses love to you can help and make you to feel more comfortable about where the two of you are at emotionally

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3)Ask yourself questions

These is very important it is recommend that couples become mindful of their actions when sharing intimacy with one another. This means not simply going through the motions but instead, truly be present in the moment.

When you are with your guy, ask yourself: What am I aware of when I am touching him? What is his reaction when I move my hands across his body? What am I aware of about myself? The idea here is to increase awareness of the here and now.

4)  kiss

This is One of the most intimate, magical and powerful things about love making. Kiss your partner passionately, while doing that be focus, There are a number of reasons for this, including the way nerves are bundled in the lips and connected to the brain. But do you know how to kiss – for real? But If you don’t know how to kiss then you need to learn that is very important in making love, am sure you won’t want to lose your man

5) Express how you are feeling in the moment

I will advice you not to use a bunch of “Oohs and Oh Yeah!””Ha”stop” either. Simply stating something like, baby i love you, baby I really like that works just fine.

On this final point, expressing what you are feeling in the moment can also mean simply going with it. Don’t freak out if your guy starts to touch you in places he hasn’t in the past. Part of love making means learning about what turns him on and not judging.

If he touches you any part of your body don’t try to stop him, if he touches you any part of your body,  your ears or licks your body, go with it. If the two of you are emotionally linked, you can also do some new things to him as well this will make him more happy i.e like touching where you haven’t touch before, Am sure you understand what I mean.

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