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Whatsapp messenger is upgrading each day and getting better in their service. Web.whatsapp.com is a WhatsApp website while it’s official website is www.whatsapp.com. Whatsapp is a mobile messenger that runs comfortable on mobile devices. Whatsapp is targeted at mobile users and compatible on virtually all mobile phones, such Android enabled…

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HeMaBlog.com is a site that respects and protects their viewers privacy. At HeMaBlog.com, we ensure your Cookies, Emails, Log Files and other information are protected. Data Collection HeMablog.com accepts data that is directly given to us. The data we accept is the same you provide on some service sites on the net.…

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HeMaBlog.com is an INTERNET resource platform owned by Blossom S. Marian. Marian is the Founder and CEO of HeMaBlog. She is a Writer, Tech and Business lover with over 8 years of experience in the business world. The site deals with things related to health, finance, relationships, fashion, entertainment and others. Our pages are on…

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