How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Are you suspecting/or thinking your boyfriend is having an affair? Here are the 17 emotional sign that he’s really having an affair.

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How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you

1. You won’t have access to his phone anymore, whenever you picked up his phone to play game or watch movies, he will snatches it away from you, he will give silly excuses like my dad/mum messages are embarrassing so I don’t want you to see it.

2. He will change the password of his phone, system etc.

3. He goes everywhere with his phone even bathroom/ toilet & his phone will always be on silent/ vibration whenever you are together which is unusual of him.

4. Your boyfriend won’t look into your eyes while talking anymore, because he will feel guilty looking into your eyes.

5. He will treat his body differently, he will have a different look, this can say a lot if he is having an affair/cheating on you.

6. He will stop complimenting you.

7. He will stop saying I love you.

8. He might accuse you of cheating but with no prove.

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9. He won’t show you affection anymore, he will barely kiss/hug/touch you.

10. He will find pleasure in watching movie or sleeping rather than playing with you.

11. There will be changes in your love life, he won’t want to touch you anymore, he will be ‘like am very tired’, that shows he has been using his strength on someone else.

12. He will stop returning your messages.

13. He will became moody whenever you around him, this shows he’s tired and don’t want you anymore.

14. Notice how your boyfriend now talks to you.

15. He will never want you to meet any of his family member but will always want you to meet his friends.

16. He pickups fights with you, and when such happens he will always want to end the relationship, he will never make attempt of settling the misunderstanding.

17. The ways of sleeping will change, he might start backing you or sleeping on the floor/ chair.

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