Lion, Bear and Tiger living together as Family for over 15 years

Family with much love matters a lot. Leo (the lion), Shere Khan (tiger) and Baloo(Bear) live together as one family. They were brought together when they were 2 months old.

Lion, Bear and Tiger living together as Family for over 15 years

It is amazing and rare to see different specs of animals with such bond. Funny enough, We have seen Cats and fox, Ostriches and Giraffes and much more.

However, the bond between this Lion, Tiger, and Bear is something very very rare as their bonds made them so special and made Humans think deep about nature and life.

They spend their day together happy and the only time they were separated was when Baloo(Bear) had a surgery to remove an ingrowing harness. Hence, they have spent over 15years together happily.

Their Location

They are kept at Noah’s Ark animal shelter located in Georgia click HERE to visit their website. Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit Educational refuge for strikingly unusual animals.

Brief history on the Trio

The Lion, Tiger, and Bear were owned by a drug dealer. He never took proper care of them which lead to severe injuries and poor health for the animals.

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Sometime in 2001, the non-profit animal sanctuary came into rescue and took them in. They were treated for their injuries at Grove, Georgia.

According to Diana Smith the assistant director, he speculated on separating them, but since they came together as a family, they decided to keep them together.

Noah Ark, faced some challenges as the government passed regulations that required all big cat compound to have up to 16-foot fences. However, according to the new regulation, if they do not meet with the new order before October, the tree animals will have to split.

That was a big challenge for the Non-profit organization. Rebuilding the fence would cost them $489,000. They started a fundraising which they got $362,269 through crowd-funding.



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