How to make your girlfriend happy.

Do you wish to be the reason why your girlfriend smile everyday? Do you also wanna be the Mr right she has been looking for all this while? If yes here are 10 tips to acquire that…….


 1. Let her be your number 1 priority.

Let her be first in your thought.

2. Book a whole day to be with your girlfriend.

Every woman will want to be with their partner,  just the two of you playing games, watch movies etc.

 3. Don’t false anything on her.

Make sure u didn’t false yourself or anything on her, show her you respect and adore her. There are so many ways to show that by kissing her passionately all over her body, neck and mouth.

 4. Share your thought with your girlfriend.

Always share your thought with your girlfriend, open up to her  let her know what is going on in your life, let her know your plans & also do listen to her advice, this will make her feel important in your life.

 5. Listen to your girlfriend.

These happens to be another problem guys are facing, they don’t have time to listen to their partner, and this will make her feel you don’t love her, always listen to your girlfriend, even if you aren’t in the mood or interested in what she’s saying, it will make her feel you are there for her whenever she needed you or needed someone to talk to.

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6. Pamper your girlfriend.

Every woman loves it when they are been pampered, she will always want and wish to be with you,  no woman will want to leave a place where is been treated like a Queen.

 7. Always compliment your girlfriend.

Girls really love compliment, especially when is coming from the one they love, and while complimenting her kindly make it an eye contact, it show you know and mean what you saying. Here are some ways to compliment your girlfriend.

* you are beautiful

* Am so lucky and glad to have you.

* I bless and cherish the first day we met.

* you are the best. Etc.

8. Tell her you love her

Don’t say that for saying sake make sure those words are coming from your heart.

 9. Show how much you love her.

These is what every girl will want, a guy that will love them the way they deserved to be loved, a guy that will show affection anywhere, don’t be shy or scared to show how much you love her in public, because she will want others to know and see how her boyfriend really love her.

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 10. Give her surprises

Girls really loves surprises, there are so many ways to surprise eg by gifts, by visit, taking her out on a date to a place she never expected etc

Always be on uniform while going out on a date it will make her feel you are proud of her.

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