Simple Tricks on How to Make your Man Happy

Are you having a problem in making your man happy? Have you always wish to make your man happy but seems to be hard? Are you looking for ways to make your man happy? I believe in this article you will find the best simple ways to make your partner happy…….


1. Your Man Will Love it if You Look Good Always

Guys get attracted to a girl who looks good, sweet, sexy always, it doesn’t matter whom your man is there’s no difference, look sexy, smell nice, dress nice(decently) when you are with him or not, try to always look good.

2. Tell Him About Every Guy You Meet

You meet a different kind of guy everyday, tell your man about them this will make him have trust in you if he ever comes across you with any guy he will feel secure if he had also known about the guy.

 3. Compliment Him

Who doesn’t love a compliment? No one, it not just girls that love compliment, guys love it as well, so compliment your man on what you like about him, I don’t need to give you an example, you know what he does that you love, compliment him on that he will always remember that.

4. Make Him Feel Like a King

Always do remember the important days of his life, so something nice to him e g surprise him( it might be by visit), get him things at times for no reasons, you can come up with a nice nickname for your man that will be of his quality, cook for him when you are together, show him love in public affections e.g kiss him, hug him, pick him in public, guys love public affection

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5. Respect Him

Don’t embarrass or insult in publicly, if you do that constantly to your man, do you know what he will do next? He will run to another lady that will treat him with care, love, and respect him. Am sure you will not want to loose the one you love so learn how to respect your man.

6. Don’t Prolong issues

Argument and fight are constant in relationship, it come ups once in a while, & when it comes up it might want to tire both & want to stay away from each other and leave the feelings hurt because no one to say I’M SORRY, call to say you sorry it doesn’t matter whose @ fault, it won’t cost you anything, and you have your man back.

7.  Support Him

Motivate/support him achieve his goals, talk about his dreams plan together, always be there whenever he need someone to lean on, don’t expect too much & don’t nag about everything.

8. Make Him Laugh When He’s Around You

You can make him laugh by playing with him, doing funny things, saying funny things etc, don’t come in too gentle/ soft you will be boring to be with.

9. Get Along with His Friends/Family

Don’t stop him from being with his friend/family by doing that might make him hate you, try to get along with his friends & family do all you can respect them, in other for them to like and see you as a good and friendly person, you man will be very happy to see you getting along with the one he love.

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10.  Trust Him

Trust is one of the keys to a good relationship, you don’t have to believe every single word he say, no man can tolerate his girlfriend not trusting him, let him know you trust him, he will get attach to you and do everything to make you happy because he won’t want to break that trust, have confident when you the only girl around him and his friends.

11. Satisfy Your Man

Guys love it when their girlfriend is good when it comes to making love, show off your moves and let him know how sexy and good you are.

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