True love and Heartbreak – How to deal with them

True love and Heartbreaks are both feelings. This post talks about relationships; ups and downs encountered and ways to deal with them without much trouble. No matter how rosy a relationship is, there must be trials and quarrels, etc. People encounter relationship based problems everyday but yet they still solve them and move on with their lives. True love is fun and true love is meant for everyone.



What is True Love

Life is good but true love makes it beautiful.True love is having a feeling for someone which is unconditional and undying. Having people that care for you keeps you happy and once such intimacy is created you tend to check on the person at intervals.

Checking on the person includes phone calls, text messages, etc. Telling your partner ‘I LOVE YOU’ early in the morning and giving the person a soothing hug in the evening after work helps him or her relax.

Leaving small notes inscribed with passionate loving words at random places for your partners lights up their day and they think of you.

What is heartbreak

This is a terrible development which pops up every now and then in relationships. Some are quite painful while some are just less painful.It can be really painful for those who did not see it coming.

Breakups hurt a lot of people especially those who can’t control their emotions and losing someone you truly love is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone.

Love is for everyone but not everybody can take the pains it comes with.Loving someone is great but sacrificing a lot at your own detriment brings a lot of things; for some, t might be joy but for others it might be pain which could cost them a lot.

Some people might never recover from the trauma love has caused them.Examples of pain love causes are:

  1. Rejecting kind gestures and intimacy.
  2. Refusing to be in love again because of heart break.
  3. Having passionate hatred for people of the opposite sex.
  4. Thinking that people of the opposite sex are all the same.
  5. Having emotional and psychological traumas which can sometimes lead to suicide.
  6. Feeling attraction for the same sex because you believe they wont hurt you[Homosexuality].
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But heart break does not mean that true love does not exist; in fact people get to know each other, date each other and eventually get married all year round and some are so happily married that outsiders doubt if they ever quarrel.

How to know if your relationship is fine

  • Always call each other frequently.
  • Dont allow your misunderstanding exceed a day.
  • Say sorry even if you not the one at fault. Dont wait dor your partner to say sorry.
  • If you always feel happy when ever a notification bearing your partners name pops up.
  • A call or a text from your partner can light up your day and make you feel better.
  • Your partner makes you feel so important.

Tips on how to please your guy

  • Give your guy space to do the things he loves.
  • Give him time to be with his friends.
  • Try to have ideas about the things he has passion for;e.g sports.
  • Always compliment him.
  • Listen to him whenever he talks about things bothering him.
  • Play with him like a kid and don’t act serious at all times.
  • Check on him at intervals but don’t be overbearing.
  • Tease him lovingly to make him happy.
  • Call him a cute nickname which makes him smile.
  • Be proud of him and show him affection in public.
  • Surprise him with things he loves.
  • Seek his approval on some important issues.
  • Act like his baby.
  • Cook for him sometimes.

Tips on how to please your lady

  • Make her feel like like a queen.
  • Seek her advice and permission in some important issues.
  • Treat her like your baby.
  • Be proud of her and show her off.
  • Introduce her to your family and try to meet hers too.
  • Surprise her at intervals.
  • Hold her from the back.
  • Take her on dates.
  • Cook for her sometimes.
  • Always be her knight in shining amour.
  • Make plans for the future with her.
  • Buy her gifts.
  • Always complement her.
  • Watch her favorite programs with her even if they appear to be silly.
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Tips on how to make you the enviable couple

  • Try to wear same cloths some times.
  • Hug in public sometimes.
  • Peck your partner in public.
  • Carry your partner in public[guys].
  • Greet friends together.
  • Never leave each other for too long in public.
  • Be proud to introduce your partner.
  • Never criticize your partner in public.
  • Be quick to defend each other.

Tips on how to have a successful relationship

  • Play games together.
  • Cook together.
  • Do creative things together.
  • Watch television together.
  • Do chores together.
  • Have fun moments.
  • Let your partner be aware of your movements.
  • Tease each other playfully.
  • Be honest.
  • Be faithful.
  • Communicate frequently.
  • Hide no secrets.
  • Tolerate each other.
  • Love each other whole heartedly.

Tips to get over heartbreak

  • Don’t bottle up emotions.
  • Talk to a trusted person.
  • Leave your environment for sometime.
  • Don’t try to recall memories of the relationship.
  • Go out with friends and have a swell time.
  • Don’t get drunk, be sober and live a free live.
  • If you think you can’t bear the pain,g o and meet a psychologist.
  • Don’t rely on drugs.
  • For the time being, avoid spots you both frequented.
  • Move on with your life.



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