Understanding Your Partner In A Relationship

Understanding in a relationship is absolutely mutual. But this can only be possible when love is the main reason for being in the relationship. In a relationship where there is understanding, peace is present.

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There are instances where a partner mostly a girl is beaten up and not allowed to make decisions in a relationship, and in most cases she fears her man and allow him take utmost control due to violence. But there is a difference between fear and respect.

Love and Understanding:

Loving someone is something that occurs suddenly. When you are in love, you will hardly find fault with anything he/she does. Hence, not finding fault always will help you understand better when there is a problem. Understanding your partner does not really mean that you should overlook grieve offenses like cheating and the rest, but still, acting irrational is totally out of it.

For instance, when you hear anything bad about your partner, e.g cheating, you should not just jump to conclusions. Call your partner and talk things out, and know the next thing action to carry out. But then if you hear things, do not just conclude or start setting traps and ask your partner questions directly instead of asking from outsiders.

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This is because not everyone is happy with your relationship, and they might look for convenient moments to cause disharmony.

Tips to having an understanding-filled relationship:

  • When your partner is in distress and needs someone to talk to, you should be there to listen. Your partner called you to help relieve burden not to act as his mom.
  • Do not make things worse by talking about your own problems.
  • Listen without interrupting and please do not try to scold your partner.
  • Your partner called you to help relieve burden not to act as his mom. So do not give advice if not requested for. The best you can do is make suggestions.
  • Do not act like the problem does not concern you.
  • Understand your partner not because you feel it’s an obligation, but because you love and care.
  • When there is a crash between both of you, you guys should learn to take responsibility for your actions. So that you do not apportion blames on each other.
  • Always remind your partner that you love him/her.

Love is not all about obligations, it entails care, feelings, sharing, crying together and laughing together.

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