Waphan – Free Videos, Games and Applications Download

Waphan is a site majorly for downloads. Things like animations, digital downloads, movie trailers, mp3 music, photos, sound effects, TV series, and videos. A feature of this website is the daily update of files.


Waphan downloads

This download website has countless numbers of processed data that allows users stay for long on the site. To access this site, you don’t need registration, just type in the site’s url which is www.waphan.com. When you do this, you can then view everything they have available for downloads. The website’s classifications include;


Download films, movie trailers, and videos.


Free Android and Java games.


Free applications.


Animated pictures.

Sound Effects

Free sound library.

Photo Gallery

Interesting photo galleries.

Pictures & Photos

Thousands of backgrounds, photos, and wallpapers.

Dropant Play Online

HTML 5 games! Play in your pc, mac, tablet, or phone.

These are the various categories available on waphan.com. After you gain access to the website, you will be redirected to the home page where you have the capability to search for whatever you desire. You will see the above categories and their sub-categories on the home page. The files on this website are put in categories to allow users navigate the various files on the website easily.

Waphan applications free download

Users can download applications on this site for free. To download applications, follow the steps below and get your apps on your device for free.

  1. Enter the url of the website on your browser.
  2. On the home page, scroll down and click on applications.
  3. Select any application category of your choice.
  4. Search for your preferred application by scrolling down the page or you can make use of the search box.
  5. Click on the application when you find it on the site.
  6. Click on the download icon to start your download from Google Play Store.
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Waphan games

You can download games for your android or iPhone on this portal. The website have available games for both devices when it comes to applications and mobile games. Follow the steps below to download any game of your choice;

  1. Use any browser of your choice to type in Waphan’s url.
  2. At the home page of the site, scroll down and click on Waphan Games.
  3. Select the category (and sub-category under which the game falls if need be) of the game of your choice. If you don’t know the category under which a particular games falls in, then you can make use of the search box.
  4. Click on the game when you find it on the site.
  5. When you’ve clicked, you will get a subscription message.
  6. Click on the subscribe and download icon to start your download.

You need to subscribe to use the services of Waphan, after which you can download your games for free.

Waphan Mp3/ Waphan Music

At the moment, the website has no Mp3 download category available. This website is focused mainly on Themes, Games, Wallpapers, Videos, Photos and other adult related content. There is no available link where users can download songs from the website. This feature may be included in the website as part of the download feature of Waphan.

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On Waphan there are several categories of lots of nice apps. They include;

  • Photo/ Music: Here you get to see apps like Cameras, Audio Tools and Photo Editors.
  • You will find other categories of applications when you get to the home page of Waphan.
  • Funny/ Social: In this category, you see apps like Browsers, Dating apps and Social Media Apps.
  • Dictionaries: In this category, you will find apps like Grammar Applications, Dictionaries and Translators.

For more information, visit the website by visiting www.waphan.com.

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