Wedding Cake – Tips On How To Choose A Wedding Cake

Wedding cake – Wedding cakes are traditional. 98 out of a 100 couple are likely to have cakes for their big day celebration, while 80 out of the 98 are likely to have an expensive wedding cake. Either ways, wedding cakes are great.


Wedding cakes

Cakes are extremely elaborate, especially when its specially made for a big event like a wedding. In fact, after the couples, the cake gets to be in the spotlight.

Many couples have been saving quite a lot of money to get the best cake ever. But the truth is that saving that money for other expenses will help you a lot. There are lots of ways to have a great cake that will be enough for all your guests and also save you a whole lot of cost.

9 Important wedding cake tips

Below are tips to help you decide on the type of wedding cake to get.

1. Choice of cake:

The choice of your wedding style decisions mostly determines the type of cake to get. For instance, if you’re having a wedding during summer on the beach, then you shouldn’t use butter icings cause they will melt. So choose a cake to suit the occasion’s style.

2. Plan ahead:

Give yourself enough time to prepare for the cake. Rushing will only make things worst.

3. Determine the cake size:

Think well so that the cake is enough for everyone. Too little cake is not a thing of joy, while too much cake is a waste of cake and money.

4. Budget for the cake:

Make a budget for the cake and stick to it. If you are settling for a cheap cake, then its gonna be a simple cake, with simple design and less or no tiers at all.

5. Choose the flavor for the cake:

The flavor for the cake should be you and your spouse’s choice. Do not choose a flavor because of the guests. They’ll definitely eat whatever you give them. Do everything according to your taste.

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6. Get an idea of cakes:

You should know the difference, cost, etc. of cake frostings. This will enable you make a good choice and also save cost.

7. Consider the weather for the wedding:

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer, opt for summer icing options or fondant covered cake. Leave out whipped cream, buttercream, meringue – they melt.

8. Have a well detailed delivery plan:

Be sure to plan your cake delivery and make an appropriate place for the cake at the wedding venue. Last minute rush could make a lot of things go wrong.

9. Give your cake the spotlight:

Your cake should also be noticed just like you. Keep it at a table that is well decorated so that everyone can get a glimpse of it. Its part of the beauty of the wedding.

7. Simple ways to save on your wedding cake

1. Order a small display cake and keep a cheap larger one hidden. The guests should be served from the hidden one, they won’t notice.

2. Keep it simple. Avoid cakes with tiers, and extravagantly decorated designs.

3. Serve smaller slices to guests. Its not a must they eat the cake to their satisfaction, getting a bite is enough.

4. Get the services of a good local catering store. Going for the big caterers is more expensive.

5. Choose buttercream or another one that is not so expensive. Fondants are expensive.

6. Choose simple flavors, they are great too.

7. Decorate your cake with real flowers instead of sugar flowers. They are beautiful and cuts down on cost.

10 Tips for making your own wedding cake

Making your own wedding cake requires a lot of expertise but also reduces cost. To make your cake yourself, the following tips could be of help;

1. Be sure to know how to bake properly; You don’t want your cake to be a mess.

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2. Keep it simple. Do not go through the stress of much elegance. This way you could even bake more cake than a caterer will bake for you.

3. prepare in advance, don’t even think of rushing.

4. Have a competent helper, but note that too many helpers could make things go wrong.

5. Clear the kitchen. Do not bake the cake in a crowded kitchen. Clear the kitchen of both people and items. If this seems impossible, make use of a friend’s kitchen.

6. Set a day aside to bake the cake. You don’t want anything distracting you.

7. Decorate your cake well, but since doing it yourself will cut down on cost, keep it simple.

8. Consider how to transport the cake to the wedding venue. This is important.

9. Have a great back-up plan, so that things don’t get out of hand.

Your wedding cake is yours, make sure some is reserved for you and your spouse. Eat the cake.

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