Wedding Preparation Tips For Couples

Weddings are events which take place once in a lifetime. Hence, every couple wants to make it memorable. Brides want to look glorious and grooms want to look handsome for their brides, and even the bridal train and close relatives are not left out.Here are tips to prepare the would-be couples for their wedding and honeymoon as well.

Wedding Preparation Tips

In weddings, guests focus more on the brides and because of this, she tends to prepare well. Things like nutritious foods, hair and makeup schedules and even teeth whitening are part of the processes brides go through.

Wedding preparations are always strenuous for all those involved especially the bride and groom, so we are going to focus on them.

General tips for couples:

  1. Based on some necessities, the bride and groom should shop together.
  2. Selection of rings should be made together.
  3. Furniture and some materials for interior designs should be purchased together.
  4. Fun times should be made available for just the bride and groom though some close friends can partake.
  5. Spend some time with family as you are about to leave and create yours.

 Wedding tips for grooms:

  • Get your suit and shoe checked some days before the wedding; hair but preferably two days.
  • Gethaircutand trim your beards if you are keeping any.
  • Please do not wear white socks with black shoes.
  • Clean your nails and make sure they are not too long to avoid injuries.
  • Make sure you sleep well to avoid dark circles and red eyes.
  • Involve yourself with the wedding plans, don’t leave it for your relatives alone.
  • At the wedding, do not keep staring at ladies as people are watching you.
  • Before the wedding, give a short note to your bride to make her smile and feel relaxed.
  • When you meet your bride be sure to compliment her.
  • You can’t imagine how emotional your bride is getting leaving her family behind. Console and hold her hands so that she can be relaxed.

Wedding tips for brides:

  • Check your gown and shoes some days before the wedding; preferably two days.
  • Do not change your skin care routine a week before and do not get your facials done a day before the wedding. Start a month before.
  • Put your accessories like pins, bracelets, etc in a bag so that you don’t start scrambling up at the last moment.
  • Do not stress yourself and get enough sleep to avoid dark circles.
  • Have a family get-together and look at old photos.
  • Call your bridal trains and assign duties to them, e.g who to hold your phone on the d-day.
  • On the d-day, give your phone to someone (an assigned person) as calls might distract you.
  • Write a crazy note to your groom; this will increase his happiness.
  • Compliment your groom.
  • Take a lot of pictures but don’t make it take up time.
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Honeymoon tips:

A honeymoon trip is meant to be stress-free and fun-filled for both couples.

  • Take a vacation to that country you have being dreaming of (but in the case of financial breakdown, just go to a quiet place away from home).
  • Make all convenient arrangements for everything you will need.
  • Feel free to explore new things.
  • Go for your honeymoon when it is convenient.
  • Be sure to have enough money with you so that you don’t get stranded.

Virgin couples:

For every newly wedded couple, there is a possibility that both couples might be virgins, or just the bride or the groom might be a virgin, while for some both might be experienced. But all the same, the experienced one should make sure that the virgin is relaxed. But talking about virgin couples, the first s3x might be embarrassing, messy, clumsy and even scary.

Virgin couples might embarrass themselves in the course of copulation, but the truth is that they will come to master the art of copulation with time. One mistake they should never make is to watch porn for the s3x tutorial, because it will only teach them the fictional part aspect of s*x, with more practices and time they will become experienced enough to have s3x without being embarrassed and clumsy.

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When a married couple is having s*x for the first time and the bride is a virgin, the following things should be packed as part of their travel kit:

  • Vaseline for easy lubrication.
  • Some towels (not for bathing).
  • Use a condom (if you are using a latex condom, do not use an oil based lubricant as they can weaken the latex, rather use water or silicone-based lube) but this is optional.

First time s3x:

  1. Relax and be confident about having s*x at the moment.
  2. Discuss your pains and what scares you about s**x with your partner.
  3. Acquaintance with the way your body is angled is important.
  4. Familiarity with your clitoris is essential.
  5. Pick a stress free location and stay in a relaxing mood (perhaps being on top can help reduce pain as you can control the speed and penetration of your spouse).
  6. Foreplay is important, don’t just rush into it, this can help relaxation.
  7. If you feel like not having s3x yet, tell your spouse.
  8. If you are not comfortable being nude with your spouse, then you can make the room dim with just little light.

        Have a glorious wedding and enjoy your honeymoon.

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